Why Selling The Benefit Is Getting Harder & What You Can Do About It


Many of you already know that you should be selling benefits, not features.

You’ve learned it from all the marketing greats and gurus.

But here’s something you probably didn’t know.. that is:

“A tactic known is a tactic blown.”

Selling the “sizzle” (benefits) of a product or service works really well on people who AREN’T marketers.

But marketers can point these tactics out from a mile away. (I always tell my girlfriend when she’s being influenced intentionally, I kinda have to or she’ll spend all my money.)

So pretty much, as marketers, we are almost immune to these tactics.

And that means that it’ll be harder to sell something to another marketer if you’re just using these common tactics.

And marketers make up a large sum of our prospect/lead base.

So what can we do about it? Well. You have to take down the “marketer’s barrier.”

Otherwise, they’d just scream “bullshit.”

As marketers, we have a barrier that makes us immune to common marketing tactics. So how do you take it down?


I’m not gonna go into questions but I’ll go into stories.

This works with marketers and average people. So pay attention.

With stories, you can IMPLY benefits.

What’s the difference between implying benefits and directly stating benefits?

An implication would mean that the reader/viewer came to the conclusion of a benefit on their own.

And a person is 10x more likely to believe their own conclusion than if you were to directly state it.

Why? Because we all want to be right. In fact, if you came to a certain conclusion on your own and it was WRONG, and I called you out on it..

You’d most likely still defend your conclusion. Even if you have some doubt in it yourself.

It’s called EGO and everyone has one, no matter how much they deny it.

That’s why making people come to their own conclusion is much more powerful than you directly stating it.

You wouldn’t have to worry about others thinking you’re bullshitting them (which I hope you’re not) because nobody wants to call bullshit on themselves.

And that’s exactly what they WOULD be doing if they called bullshit on the benefits they came up with on their own. (Or at least they think they did.)

I’m not gonna go too into detail on how to execute this because this is some high level stuff that shouldn’t be placed into a blog post without proper context.

I may go over it in more detail in a future post.. or course. Depends on how I feel.


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