Why Blaming The Economy Is Keeping You Broke


If there’s something I can’t stand more than my girlfriend’s annoying little sister, it’s people who blame the economy for keeping them poor.

Now, that’s not to say the economy doesn’t play an important factor in your standard of living, because it does.

But what I’m trying to say is this, by blaming an external force of any kind as the main reason why you can’t get ahead, you have relinquished all control over your life.

You’ve relinquished it to an unseen phantom whom you can’t defeat and you will stay broke.

Could your local economy not be doing as great as it once did? Sure. But does that mean everyone in your nation is poor? NO.

Just because your local economy is doing bad, doesn’t mean you can’t sell to Sally by The Sea Shore who just got a raise.

Or Bob The Builder that just increased his company’s annual profits by 5%.

Or Logan Wallace who just lost his job but had $10k saved up because he wanted to invest in something new anyway..

Because he lived in “the hood” where people fought you for making eye contact. Where he had a gun pulled out on him for asking someone to please lower down the music at 3 a.m.

Where Ramen Soup became commonplace at the dinner table..

You think I wasn’t willing to do anything (ethically) to get out of that situation?

There are people all over your nation that have a very painful life and they want to escape. If you can help them, it should be your mission.

Don’t blame the economy. Take control and start moving. I’m taking you to the promise land with me. But only you can move your feet.