Take Advantage Of My High Quality, Untapped & Risk-Free Traffic Source That Turns Into Hot, Responsive & "Ready To Buy" Leads For Your Business Opportunity!

Endorsed by 7-Figure Earner Justin Spencer


Traffic doesn't convert? You don't pay!

Here's why I'm doing this. It's no secret that the affiliate traffic industry is full of people who are willing to take your money, send you "garbage clicks" and leave you empty handed. Now, I don't know about you but I prefer modern civilization over the wild, wild west.

So if your offer is a perfect fit, here's how you can make your campaign risk-free: Let my team handle your ad, landing page creation and traffic.. and if you don't get a good optin-rate, we'll work with you until you do.

If all of our efforts fail (which would surprise me) you can have 100% of your money back. Period. That's how confident I am in my traffic. BOOM. Whatcha gotta say about that?

*Guarantee only available to first time buyers with a qualified offer.


When can I expect my traffic to start running after I submit my order?

That would depend on when you lock in your position. If you want to get your traffic as quickly as possible then you can make a request to lock in your order here. No credit card needed.

Are there any guarantees?

Yes there is. We guarantee that you’re going to get all of your clicks delivered on time. We guarantee that we’re going to deliver human eyeballs (not bots or fake clicks.) We also offer an opt-in rate guarantee for first-time clients who have an eligible offer. Click here for more details.

Is your traffic high quality?

Yes it is! My traffic is filtered and goes through various mechanisms in order to ensure we give you the best quality traffic the internet has to offer. My visitors are primed for business opportunities. We can deliver 100% T1 (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom) depending on what package you select. Just know that you’re getting the “Lamborghini” of traffic when dealing with me.

Where does your traffic come from?

Various sources that require an understanding of campaign optimization.

How do I track my results?

If you’re an advanced marketer with your own tracker, you can use it. If you don’t have a tracker of your own installed, I will provide you with the means to track your results.

Do you have buyer traffic?

Yes I do. However, my buyer’s list (people who’ve purchased a product from me) is a luxury and only few get access to it. Click here to contact me if you want access to my buyer’s list.

Do I need to provide a swipe?

No. I know my traffic better than anyone on the planet. Therefore, I know what they respond to so I would handle the swipe or ad copy. However, if you insist, we can work something out.

Who can I contact for additional support?

If you need emotional support, I’d probably go to my parents. If you need customer support, you can always go to support@loganwallacemedia.com

What offers work well with your list?

I can handle any type of offer but my traffic is primed for “Make Money Online”, Business Opportunity and MLM offers.

How can I make an order?

You can either use one of the buttons in my order section or you can contact sales and we’ll get you squared away. We primarily use Paypal for our transactions.



Still High Quality

80% of these clicks come from Tier-1 Countries (USA, CAN, NZ, AUS, UK.) They're highly responsive and have been proven to buy into opportunities.

2000 Clicks - $1,300
1000 Clicks
- $695
500 Clicks - $375
300 Clicks
- $245
200 Clicks
- $175
100 Clicks
- $90


Highly Recommended

100% of these clicks come from Tier-1 Countries (USA, CAN, NZ, AUS, UK.) They're highly responsive and buy into opportunities more often since they have more access to capital.

2000 Clicks - $2,100
1000 Clicks
- $1,100
500 Clicks - $570
300 Clicks
- $378
200 Clicks
- $264
100 Clicks
- $135



Brief Message by Logan Wallace

"Hi my name's Logan. My traffic is golden. Most days I'm not open. It's scarce I'm not jokin'. You see the bad news is, these leads are exclusive. So lock in your spot, get in or you'll lose it." - Drops mic.